Agile Software Development

SDLC is simply the acronym for Software Development Life Cycle. It consists of all the steps that go into building and maintaining any software.

Like most SDLC models, the Agile model also follows the basic steps of the SDLC, with some variations. So first, let’s understand what goes into an SDLC model before learning the “Agile magic”.

In most SDLC models, the development cycle goes through phases like:


  • Requirement analysis: plan what the users want and how to cater to them
  • Design: design the framework of the system to be built
  • Coding and development: build the system by programming
  • Testing : check the system for any bugs or errors
  • Deployment : launch the system to the users
  • Maintenance: keep the system up and running smoothly

Agile is a broad project management methodology that focuses on involving the customer in every step of the development process. The Agile approach breaks down the entire project into smaller development cycles called iterations or sprints.

In the Agile methodology, for every iteration, you develop a specific version of the working software. This is called the increment.

At the end of the iteration, the customer reviews the increment and gives their feedback, which is incorporated in the next iteration. The cycle continues until the software is fully developed, giving the customers exactly what they want.


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